One of the most important article of a clothing a man will own is a dress shirt.  Thats why at S.J. Crystal's we pay special  attention to our dress shirt collection.  From that crisp white to that big bold pattern we make sure it's available. We carry Standard and Trim-fit dress shirts. Neck sizes starting at 14-1/2, up to 22, with sleeve lengths to 37 inches. My staff and I know what a proper fitting dress shirt looks like.  We will be able to determine if you are an off the rack guy or if alteration are needed.  No matter your size or body type we will make sure you leave S.J. Crystal's  in that perfect fitting shirt.  

Variety  is key!! We have a huge  selection of dress shirts in many styles  from standard barrel cuffs to french cuffs.  Many different collar styles are available  like Forward Point, Button-Down, Spread  and  Cutaways. 

 The perfect dress shirt for you is  right here at